Uncategorized September 2, 2020

This is it…Our first blog ever


Welcome – We are nervous and excited! It seems like a big undertaking to open ourselves up, share our experiences, live our passions out loud for everyone, but its time! Here we go … (okay – truth be told Bonita will write this, but Mike will be helping feed content)


Who are we….
Mike and Bonita Hutchison. We are a team – we do almost everything together. We are married, we live together, we work together, we parent together, and we adventure together. Don’t get me wrong, we both have our own things too – I love meeting up with the girls for hiking, skiing, and lunch, and Mike enjoys golfing and skiing with the guys, but at the end of the day our passion lies with our family and quality time spent together.


We met in Joliet, Illinois, in the summer of 2002. We married and had two boys, Hugh and Hunter, while living in Illinois. In 2011, we knew our lives would be changing dramatically. The economy had crashed, and our oldest son was starting kindergarten, so we decided to move to one of our favorite vacation destinations, Park City, Utah – it was the best decision we ever made.


The reasons for our move were vast. Mike was an avid skier (I am now but didn’t learn until after we moved). The public schools were top-rated, and the overall lifestyle in Park City suited our personalities, relationship, and the quality of life we wanted to raise our family. There is no place we’d rather be. Today, Park City is our home, we’ve grown an amazing community of friends, and our life here is everything we dreamed it would be….even more.


Mike has spent most of his working life in real estate. He began his career purchasing investment properties for long term rental, then ventured into vacation rental and moved to commercial development. After moving to Park City, Mike stayed home to raise our youngest son and began selling residential real estate part-time. He quickly became passionate about Park City real estate, meeting new people, and sharing the ins and outs of our community. Today, Mike is full time in real estate and loving every second.


Upon moving to Utah, I resumed my career leading non-profits and serving the community. I had been helping Mike on the sidelines, developing market plans, formatting sales presentations, and building his business. In 2018, I made the transition into real estate to assist Mike full-time, and today, we work in tandem to better serve clients.


About our blog…
We share a passion for adventure, building family memories, great food, and people and real estate. Our blog will follow our journey, share our passions, and share our Utah adventures. We will write, share photos, and post what are sure to be amusing amateur videos.
We will share insights into how you can visit like a local to help you navigate Park City with ease. Whether you are looking for places to stay, the best restaurants, favorite ski runs, we will keep you up to date on the latest hot spots so that you can enjoy every second of your Park City vacation.
Follow our journey, and we’ll take you to some of Park City’s best-kept secrets, newest hotspots, and long-standing favorites. We are sure to give you a laugh along the way.
Real Estate:
Of course, we have to throw in some work – it can’t be all play! And, let’s face it – we are just as passionate about our work and serving our clients as we are about our adventures. We will share insider tips for Buyers and Sellers, share data and trends affecting the market, give investment tips for second homes and investment properties, and highlight some of our favorite properties.
Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are…. All in, for YOU.