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25 Summer Things To See and Do in Park City

Whether it’s your first visit to Park City, your hundredth, or you’re a local, summer is a fun time for all. From strolling down Main Street to taking a chairlift ride up the green ski slopes, there’s plenty to do! As Park City re-opens after a short shutdown from winter, the city comes alive with walking, hiking, biking, art, concerts, and restaurants. Here’s some of the best activities, broken down into categories for you. Read the whole thing or skip to your favorite section! Some of these items are weekly, monthly, or only happen once in the summer. Be sure to mark your calendars if you’re hoping to hit a limited activity!

Main Street Activities & Places to Eat

Atticus Coffee, Teahouse, and Books

The storefront of Atticus Coffee, Tea, and Books.

Stop in for a quick morning coffee and a bite to eat, or hang around a while and read some books! This is a perfect way to kick off your day in Park City, or relax from the afternoon summer heat with a good book and cool air. Whether you hit Atticus in the morning or afternoon, it’s one of the best spots.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Talk a walk through the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and treat yourself to some delicious midday treats. From flavored caramel apples to double chocolate fudge, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied here. Eat some of it now, and take some for the road!

The Brick

The Brick stands tall and is prominent with outdoor dining.

Right next to the chocolate factory is The Brick Restaurant and Bar. Available for both dine-in and takeout, stop in for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! Breakfast and brunch are only available on weekends while lunch and dinner are offered every day. From steak and eggs to shrimp tacos, burgers and steaks and more, there’s something for everyone here. This place is a bit on the pricey side, so it’s perfect for date night!

Wasatch Brewery & Pub

You can't miss the bright blue exterior of Wasatch Brewery when strolling through Main Street!

If you’re going to check out a brewery in the Park City and Salt Lake area, Wasatch Brewery is the place for you. It’s a classic Park City place, characterized by it’s bright blue exterior, and sits right on the edge of the Wasatch Mountains. From beer to good food, it’s got it all right here. Stop in for a bite and a beer on tap after a day of exploring Park City!

No Name Saloon Bar and Grill

No Name Saloon. It's the wild, wild West out here. Come on in, and watch your head!

Even if you don’t decide to eat here, you at least need to pop your head into this tavern-like restaurant. They have motorcycles hanging from the ceiling. MOTORCYCLES. We’re not including pictures of this (yet) so you can go and experience it for yourself. This restaurant is a little more exclusive – you need to be 21+ to eat here or sit at the bar. However, it’s a cheaper option when it comes to food, even when it comes to their world famous buffalo burgers. And, the beer selection is quite extensive as well. Make sure to grab a locally brewed beer!

Concerts, Art Galleries, and Events

3rd of July Celebration

Come on down for the 3rd of July in Park City! Live music kicks off the night on the Canyons Village Stage, and ends with a fantastic fireworks celebration around dusk, weather permitting. Admission is free, and reservations are not currently required. Stay tuned for more up-to-date information!

Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are back for summer! They will return to Park City Mountain, located in the Silver King Parking lot at the Mountain Village of Park City. Stop by every Wednesday from 11am through 4pm between May 19 through October 27th for all the goodies. Grab fresh fruit, a mid-hike snake, vegetables for the family and neighbors, jams, jellies, and trinkets of all sorts. It’ll help support local farmers and artists from the community, and is one of our favorite summer activities.

Park City Wine Festival

Gorgeous views overlooking Park City.

If you like wineries, breweries, and distilleries, make sure you head to Park City between September 30th and October 2nd. For three straight days at 12:30pm, experience over 100 of these fantastic drinks, complimented by food. There’s something here for even the most seasoned wine-connoisseur to the entry-level drinker. There’s seminars and luncheons, adventures and tastings on a fun-filled Thursday through Saturday event. Read up more about this even right here.

Canyon’s Village Summer Concerts

The summer concerts at Canyons Village commence July 8th and run through August 28th. All concerts will begin at 6pm every Thursday and Saturday, except July 22nd and July 24th. Bring your own blankets or low-backed lawn chairs and sprawl out in the vastness of the fresh mountain air while listening to some jams! For a full line-up of guests, head on over to their concerts page right here.

Art Galleries

Summit Gallery is one of many galleries in Park City.

As you stroll up and down Main Street in Park City, you’ll notice a plethora of art galleries peppered in with local businesses. We can’t tell you where to go, as art is subjective, but what we will tell you to stop by these galleries. Many of these artists are local to the Utah scene, and some of the pieces are magnificent! Spend five minutes or an hour in each gallery, and maybe you’ll want to come home with a fresh new print or painting!

Hiking, Biking, Trail Running & Sports

Hiking/Trail Running

Park City is home to some fantastic mountain views!

Hiking or trail running through Park City is very rewarding, and it’s hard to tell you which trails you should hit! We’ll start with three, and leave you to discover the rest Park City has to offer. Remember, when hiking in Utah, you’re at elevation. Park City stands at a whopping 7,000 feet from sea level, and if you’re doing hikes to peaks, you may experience altitude sickness. Remember to bring lots of water, apply sunscreen, and take breaks. Now, for the hikes!

Blood’s Lake Trail is pretty popular, and is scored at 2.7 miles roundtrip according to AllTrails. It’s a pretty trail that features a lake at the end! You could also continue on to Clayton Peak, which is one of the high points at Brighton Ski Resort, or Lachawaxen Lake from Bloods Lake! If you continue to Clayton Peak, try this one at sunset and watch the beautiful colors over Brighton. Alternatively, start this hike before sunrise and watch the morning sun over Park City!

The Armstrong Trail is located right next to the Park City Golf Course and is 3.3 miles roundtrip. It features some of the best wildflowers Utah has to offer, so make sure to catch this trail from April through early June for a fantastic display of spring color!

For a more strenuous hike with a big payout, embark on the Iron Canyon Trail. It’s best used as early as May through October, and is a great chance to see some wildlife in Utah! It offers some pretty and sprawling views of Park City. Best to start this (and all trails) early to beat crowds and the heat!

A gopher peaks out behind a fallen tree.

Mountain Biking

It’s hard to say where the best mountain biking trails in Park City are because they’re all just so fantastic! From beginners to big jump enthusiasts, there are over 450 miles of mountain biking trails located in or near Park City. The Wasatch Crest Trail may be one of the most popular routes, and is known for incredible views overlooking the Wasatch Mountains. For all the information you need and pre-planning for mountain biking in Park City, head on over to Mountain Biking Park City. They provide information on tours, lift services, and have an extensive trail map. They also provide rentals! Relax, they’ll take it from here.

Walking/City Biking

See if you can find this sign!

If you’re going on a walking or city biking tour, you’ll need to check out the Rail Trail. It’s a quite extensive trail, topping 26.6 miles from Park City to Echo State Park. You can do it in segments, or all at once if you’re an avid runner or biker. There’s also many other trails, including Willow Springs, Willow Creek, Sweeney’s Switchbacks, and more.


One of fifteen gold courses located in and around Park City!

Park City alone boasts 15 different golf courses. The world-renowned course at Glen Wild Golf Club and Spa offers some fantastic golfing with stunning mountain views. If you’re looking for a day on the course, Park City is where it’s at. There’s even a golf course nestled in Wasatch Mountain State Park, and is one of the public golf courses near Park City (Soldier’s Hollow and Canyons Golf are two others).

“Things to do in Only in Park City” Activities

McPolin Barn & Farm

McPolin Barn, a white barn built in 1886 on the outskirts of Park City.

If you drove into Park City, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this picturesque white barn. It’s a landmark for Park City that dates back to 1886, and features some pretty views! You can walk on the trails around the farm (even with your dog 0n-leash), and is a good place for some photos!

Ride the Trolley

If you’re in Park City, you’ve got to ride the trolley at least once. It’s one of those tradition activities that no vacation is complete without! It’s great for the kids, and it’s free! Hop on for a few stops, or ride the whole thing up and down Main Street. It’s a great way to take in all of the sights and sounds of the cute town.

Park Silly Market

The Park Silly market is one of Park City’s main summer attractions! Stop on by Historic Main Street on Sundays for eco-friendly, open air markets featuring food, galleries, live music, various arts and crafts vendors, a beer garden and bloody Mary bar! Check it our for an hour or stay for the full time! Head over to their website for more information regarding specific days, and days they won’t be holding the market. There’s also a Silly Market in Sandy, Utah on Saturdays if you’re elsewhere!

Lifts and Rides

Summer Bobsled Experience

Where else could you ride a bobsled!? Utah is unparalleled in this department! Strap in with a professional pilot and your best friend 9r sibling and get ready to fly. Coast down the Olympic Park bobsled, luge, and skeleton track at speeds at 60 MPH! You need to be at least 13-years-old, and at least 100 pounds to ride, among other restrictions and requirements. Perfect for a couple older kids! You can check out more on the official page right here.

Park City Mountain Coaster

Want to take a ride on a roller coaster, but without the crowds whooping and hollering? This winding mountain coaster cruises through more than a mile of stunning mountain scenery, with beautiful views of Park City. It’ll soon become your favorite roller coaster, but with refreshing Park City sights and sounds! Couple it with the Alpine Slide for a Double Play (riders 54″ or taller) for a cheaper experience, and twice the fun! See more about the mountain coaster and the double play here.

Park City Alpine Slide

Take a ride on over 3,000 feet of luge-like track, and ride one of the longest slides in the world! Preceded by a scenic chairlift ride up the mountains, this slide offers some beautiful views of the mountains and Park City. You can combine this experience with the Mountain Coaster for a double play, as stated before. Perfect for parents with children who may want to chalk both activities off the list!

Scenic Chairlift Ride

The Town Lift in Park City, Utah

If the three preceding activities aren’t your cup of tea and you need a slower experience, scenic chairlift rides will serve you well. Grab a ride right at Historic Main Street, or one of the rides at Deer Valley, Park City, or Canyons. From here, there are many access points to hiking trails and mountain biking routes, or pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the top!

Ziplining Opportunities

There are plenty of ziplining opportunities for you in Park City, ranging from long to short rides, but we’ll let you figure out what you want to do. The Flying Eagle is one of the popular ziplining routes, with reasonable prices. The Utah Olympic Park offers three different ziplining experiences, one which includes a 65-foot drop from a tower! For a breathtaking route over water, head south to Deer Creek State Park and choose from a variety of packages. Their most expensive package goes for $199 and includes 10 zipline rides and 7 aerial suspension bridges with free photos. You’ll get spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains, and experience a 3900ft zipline.

Water Activities

Paddling Boarding & Kayaking

You can find plenty of opportunities for paddle boarding or kayaking around Park City. One of the best options is Jordanelle State Park! You can rent SUPs, kayaks, boats or jet skis on-site, and they also have a small water sports park! It’s the perfect way to cool off with some water in the hot summer.

River Rafting

River rafting is readily available on the Provo River or Weber River, with white-water rafting appealing to many. Hop on a raft with family or friends and take a cruise down the river! You can go with an experienced guide to help you if you’re not quite ready to venture out on your own. These excursions last anywhere from two hours to a full day adventure! Check out these companies for river rafting: Utah Outdoor Adventures, Destination Sports, and All Seasons Adventure. Destination Sports offers half-day rafting and kayaking and full-day rafting and kayaking!

River Tubing

If river rafting isn’t you thing, river tubing may just be your speed. There are plenty of options for river tubing along the same rivers, the Provo River and Weber River. Rent some tubes and life jackets from Barefoot Tubing and head on down to the Weber River for some relaxing water therapy. The rivers stay cool during the summer, and are perfect for family and friends alike!

However you choose to spend your time in Park City, you cannot go wrong with the activities and destinations on this list. Choose one or a few while you’re visiting! If you’re local, get out and see something you may have never seen before, or never done. Summer is a great time in Utah, and it’s even better when you’re based in Park City. If you’re looking for somewhere fancy to eat, check out our best restaurants located in Park City! And, if you’re visiting during the fall, see our best fall festivities to do while you’re here.

If you did any of these activities, let us know which one you did! If there’s anything we missed that’s a classic family activity, we’d love to hear your stories! Happy travels, and have a GREAT summer!