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Pack and Go Ski Lunch Ideas Slope Side!

If you’re hitting the slopes for a full seven or eight hour day of skiing or riding, you’ll be looking forward to that break in the middle of the powder day where you can kickback, relax, and eat some good food before going back out to rip some lines. Depending on your preferences and even the weather of the day, hot lunch and cold lunch will have their benefits. Extra cold days with wind-chill may call for some warm soups for hot lunch, but on a warm and sunny day, a cold sandwich might do just fine!


Compiled below is a full list of lunches you can easily bring to the mountain, storing either in cubbies or lockers in the lodge, or in the comfort of your car! From soups and pasta for hot lunches and sandwiches galore and more for cold lunches, we have plenty of ideas that will keep you and your family coming back here for more top notch ideas!

Hot Lunch Ideas

For all of these ideas below, a thermos is definitely required to keep the items hot! Keep them the warmest by either making these meals the morning of your ski trip, or microwaving for a couple minutes right before you transfer it into a thermos. Make sure to pack these in an insulated lunch box or bag so they can stay warmer, whether in the car or in the lodge.


Remember to include supplemental food in the form of fruit, vegetables, and of course, chips, crackers and other kinds of snacks! It is a little vacation, isn’t it?

Gotta Eat Pasta!

Where would we be without pasta? Surely lost! Check out our pasta choices below; these are tried and true ski lunches!

Mac N’ Cheese

Whether it’s homemade Mac N’ Cheese or made from a box (Trader Joe’s has some killer orange cheddar and white cheddar!), this is sure to make heads turn and tummies full on the slopes! Pair it with some fruit or carrots and you’re all set.

Pasta with Marinara or Meat Sauce, Meatballs

Get creative here! Bring some fun pasta and add some sauce. Choose from marinara, a meat sauce, alfredo, and maybe add some meatballs or chicken for extra protein!

Pasta with Butter and Parmesan Cheese

Keeping it short and simple; pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese is certainly a classic, and after a morning on the slopes, you’ll be re-energized in no time!


Cheese filled pasta is a delicious meal anywhere, especially if it’s four-cheese! Add some sauce to it and fruit and you’ll be all set for an afternoon of shredding sick powder.

Soup and Stews

For the coldest of ski days, soups are the best meal to get you through a frigid day. Make sure to bring a spoon, or remember to pack the spoon that comes with your thermos!

Chicken Noodle Soup

Hearty and healthy, nothing is quite as good as soup on a cold ski day. And what better soup to have than classic chicken noodle soup! Add some saltines and your favorite fruit and you’re ready to go!

Beef Stew

Even more filling than chicken noodle soup, beef stew with potatoes, carrots, celery and more will certainly be more than enough to fill you up. Perhaps back some biscuits or crackers just in case!

Spaghetti O’s

This lunch is for the kids, and it’s a classic they’ll surely love! Bring along their favorite snack and some healthy fruit or vegetable options for a surely satisfied family.

Extra Fun Lunches!

Here’s a couple lunches out of left field that are sure to have some great memories attached. Check out these trendier lunches!

Chicken Nuggets

If you’re going with friends or relatives, what better lunch to bring than something out of the box: chicken nuggets in a thermos! Now that’s originality! 

Hot Dog (with bun!)

Sure, you can get a hot dog from the lodge, but you’re paying a premium just to have it. Why not bring your own? Make sure to bring some buns and all the fixings!

Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork (with bun!)

Even more out of the box is beef brisket or pulled pork, especially with North Carolina sweet barbecue sauce. If you haven’t packed beef brisket or pulled pork on your ski trip, bring it next time. You won’t regret it!

Cold Lunch Ideas

Sometimes, the hot lunches aren’t ideal for warmer days on the mountain. It happens! When this is the case, sandwiches are obviously the go-to lunch. As with the hot lunch ideas, make sure to pack some fruit, vegetables, and snacks to go with your main food!


The staple of cold lunches everywhere, here’s just a couple favorite picks. Don’t feel limited here to choose one of these, and remember you can always swap out the meat for different kinds, and the bread for wraps or pita bread!

Turkey Club

Quick and simple to make at home or at the ski slope, top your sandwich with all the toppings you love! Turkey breast, your choice of cheese, lettuce, onion and bacon can be added at home, and bring tomatoes, mustard, mayo, and other sauces or spreads with you so the bread doesn’t get soggy!

Ham and Swiss/Cheddar (or other cheese!)

Similarly to the turkey club, assemble the sandwich with dry ingredients only, and bring tomatoes and spreads alone for the ride! Maybe top it with pepper jack cheese for just that little extra flair.


The classic bacon, lettuce and tomato, but make it fancy. If you have a fancy bun or roll, now is the time to experiment! Top it with cheddar or Swiss cheese and enjoy.

The MeatMe Sandwich

Yes, this one I made up for the blog, but it’s too good to pass on. On wheat or four cheese bread, top with ham, salami, pepperoni, and bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato. 


Chef’s Tip: make sure to add all the ingredients you wish to have! This can include spinach, onions, banana peppers, jalapenos, sauerkraut, and your choice of condiments.

Healthy Ideas

Here’s a couple items that don’t fit under sandwiches but also don’t carry their own category. These are fun lunches of the bunch! Make sure to modify, add, or subtract foods specific to your taste buds!

Chicken Salad

Toss a green salad of your choice of lettuce, spinach, kale, and other greens and add tomatoes, chicken, chopped peppers, cucumbers, and a yummy salad dressing. Feel free to add any sort of dried fruit or croutons as they appease you!

Yogurt with Granola and Berries

Certainly a simple and easy lunch, yogurt with granola and berries are sure to energize you and fill you up! Make sure to bring something else to snack on just in case you need more!

Cheese and Crackers

Just bring ‘em all! Slice some different cheese, pack four or five different crackers in some baggies, and bring some ham, turkey, salami, or other meat and go to town! Carrots and dip top off this easy lunch.

Campers Lunch (Jerky, trail mix, dried fruit, protein bar)

For those that want to eat on the lift: I present to you, the Campers Lunch. Have someone in your group (or multiple) carry backpacks and pack it with your favorite jerky, smaller bags of trail mix (make sure you have chocolate!), dried apricots or other fruit, and a couple protein bars or granola bars. Make sure to pack all of your trash out!

So there you have it! Eighteen easy and delicious pack-and-go lunches for your ski trip. These are staples among ski families everywhere. If you tried one of these, let us know and tell us about your experience! We are always ready to talk about skiing and eating.

And, for those of you that made it this far, congrats! We’ll leave one last bit of advice: if you have an extra thermos or other insulated mug, bringing hot chocolate for the end of the day is a killer way to end your ski day. There’s seriously nothing better!


Happy skiing (or riding!) and we’ll see you on the next one!