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Five Best Salt Lake City Area Parks

It’s time to get out of our houses and go again! Winter is coming to a close for now with a few snow showers here and there at the tops of mountains. But, for the vast majority of Park City, Salt Lake City, and the rest of Utah, the day time temperatures are soaring higher and higher! We’ve been greeted with pretty good temperatures as springtime arrives.


While things may still be muddy around Park City for a couple weeks, there are plenty of parks in the Salt Lake City area that are worth checking out! So, follow along with us as we explore some parks in Salt Lake and the valley.

Tanner Park (Dog Park)

The closest park in proximity to Salt Lake, Tanner Park is right off one of the first exits as you enter Salt Lake on the I-80 via I-215.. It’s an off-leash dog park that features many walking and trail running trails. Dogs can run free and end up at a watering hole at the end of this long park. If you have a dog that needs to get out and run around for hours, this is your go-to spot that’s close and convenient. Make sure you time this visit accordingly – there is a lack of shade at this park, and it can get quite hot in the heat of the day during spring and summer!


You can find directions to this park right here!

Sugarhouse Park

Sugarhouse Park is the next closest park to Park City, and can also easily be accessed via I-80. This park is for fun with the whole family. Among the features this park has are walking trails, bike riding roads, large grassy fields for picnics, baseball, some firepits, and playgrounds! You can spend an hour here or half a day full of activities! There are plenty of shaded areas to plop down a blanket or chairs so you can escape the sun’s rays for a few moments.


There’s also several options for food while you’re here just across the street from this park. Cool off with ice cream from Baskin Robbins or warm up with coffee or hot chocolate from Starbucks. Enjoy dinner options like Thai, KFC, Freebirds World Burrito or sitting down to a nicer dinner at Olive Garden. If you want something with a Mediterranean twist, follow Parley’s Trail to Spitz in Sugarhouse and enjoy some regional tastes!


Start your directions to Sugar House Park right here!

Dimple Dell

Salt Lake’s largest park by area at an impressive 630 acres, Dimple Dell Regional Park sits south of the I-215 but is well worth the visit if you have the opportunity. It features 15 miles of multi-use trails, including walking, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails. A seasonal river runs through the middle of Dimple Dell, and is quite refreshing! There are plenty of spots to pull off and have a picnic lunch, as there are picnic tables and firepits spread out throughout the park. There are three different parking lots to this large park, so choose accordingly! 


Besides the amenities this park possesses, it also features some of the very best mountain views Salt Lake has to offer. As you traverse around the park, the Wasatch Front is either staring you in the eyes or looming in the background. The park is closest to Little Cottonwood Canyon, home to world-class ski resorts Alta and Snowbird ski areas, as well as a plethora of hiking trails in the summer. 


You can find more information on Dimple Dell right here, and find directions to this park right here!

Sunrise Mountain Park + Daybreak

While this park doesn’t follow the rules of the three parks listed above, the Daybreak area of South Jordan features some fantastic bike paths, as well as a scenic trip around a small lake. Where this park diverges is quite cool – there are several events that take place around the Daybreak area, and all of it can be accessed and planned for on their website. From food trucks to wellness days, to farmer’s markets and their very popular summer concert series, there is always something fun happening in Daybreak!

Find directions to Sunset Mountain Park and the Daybreak and the surrounding areas right here.

Jordan River Rotary Park

The Jordan River Rotary Park is your entry to a whole world of walking or bicycling on the Jordan River Parkway Trail. Clocking in at 45.3 miles according to AllTrails, this extensive trail has some beautiful scenery, and follows the well known Jordan River. Take the trail at a leisurely pace either by walking, running, or bicycling through on the paved trail. The entire Wasatch Front is visible from nearly every angle of this trail.


If you want a rather packed day with the family, start your day at the Jordan River Rotary Park, ride a 3.1miles north on the trail until you reach Mulligan’s Golf and Games, and play a round of mini-golf before and take your turn at the batting cages or driving range. If you want, you can head across the street and enjoy any number of restaurant options, including burgers, sandwiches, sushi and a coffee shop. From there, take the same Jordan River trail heading back down to your car! Those directions by bicycle can be found right here.


This particular park is a great access point since it is typically less crowded than other points while featuring a couple picnicking tables, bathrooms with a water fountain and a small playground. A shorter day can consist of bringing bikes, scooters, or other wheeled means of transportation and riding the trail as far as you want! Then, sit back to relax with a picnic lunch or dinner. In the summer, pasta salad is certainly a great choice to cool off with after a long day in the heat!


Find directions to the Jordan River Rotary Park right here.

Salt Lake City has no shortage of fun parks to explore, and from walking to hiking, riding bikes and restaurants galore, there is no shortage of diverse activities! Perhaps take a weekend and do one park each week to hit all of them. We would certainly love to hear what you think of these parks and how your experience was!