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Park Silly Sunday Market on Historic Main Street

The Park Silly Market is one of the many draws to summers spent in Park City. From street vendors of all sorts to outdoor eating, and storefronts spilling out onto the street, it’s a magical place to spend a day. Take an hour out of your day, or take the whole day and stroll down Historic Main Street through an open air market that takes up the entire street! We’ll give you the details on the best places to park, where to go for food, and some of the other highlights of this event. Follow along with us as we take you through a journey in Park City!

Let’s go through some quick stats on the market:

Park Silly Market

  • When: Every Sunday in the summer from June 6 to September 26
    • Excluding August 1, 8 &15
  • Where: Historic Main Street, Park City, Utah
  • Time of Day: 10am-5pm
  • What’s At The Market
    • open air markets
    • festival environment
    • live music
    • arts and crafts vendors
    • gourmet food
    • Local produce from farmers
  • What to Bring: hat, sunscreen, cash (come vendors only accept cash), water, and a bag to carry all your new treasures!

Parking for Park Silly

We always recommend taking public transit when possible. It’s easy, convenient and more and more options are available throughout Park City. Here is what you need to know about transportation!

Since Main Street is blocked off, a number of the parking garages are blocked off for parking. There are some that are close to Main Street not blocked off, but that can rack up a price tag. There’s two options for parking: Park City High School, and Deer Valley Resort. 

Both parking lots are free to park! Park City High School (PCHS) is a little closer to the market, but, because of proximity, often fills up quickly. The other choice is to park at Deer Valley! From both PCHS and Deer Valley Resort, a free bus drops you off at a station about a minute away from the middle of Historic Main Street. Cross Swede Alley from the bus station, and you’ll be dropped off right in front of Park City Fine Art.

What To See

Handcrafted journals, books, and other goods on display.

Check out all there is to see at the market!

Once you reach the market, there’s two directions to go: towards the street vendors down the street, or toward restaurants, open storefronts, and some live musical acts! The choice rests in your hands.

In the beginning of the day from 10am when the market opens to about 1pm, the vendor area by the bottom of Main Street gets pretty packed. Near the end of the day, it thins out a little bit, but so do some of the vendors. If you like the hustle and bustle of a large crowd, get on down here earlier! If you want to wait for the crowds to disperse, start your journey to the vendors at around 3pm.

Where Should I Eat?

Street food setups at 9th Street in Historic Main Street.

The street food tends to change every few weeks. There’s also a 21+ only section where you can buy alcohol.

We’ve already written a blog on this, so we can direct you to some of the best places to eat in Park City, but the market is a unique experience. Near the end of Main Street, past the vendors is a neat area where a couple of food trucks are located. There’s everything from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern eats, as well as a fry-centric truck. Yes, there was an entire truck that sold only FRIES!

However, the same vendors are not always around – sometimes one vendor is only there for one week during the summer while another could be there every day! If you’re not wanting to miss out on the fun, we suggest you go to multiple markets during the summer. You’ll definitely experience new food vendors throughout the summer!

The Arts, Crafts, and Storefront Vendors

Crafted replicas of animals on display at the market.

One of the vendors at the Park Silly Market features a near-life size model of a moose.

Like the food vendors, these are subject to change every week! Some may stay the whole summer, or only pop in for one, seven hour day. There’s all sorts of stores to see here, and the variety is quite immense. From handcrafted mugs and glasses to wood carved décor made in front of you, and loads different clothes, spend hours looking at each different vendor. Or, grab some ice cream or coffee from a local shop and watch some live performances scattered along Historic Main.

Make sure you bring a cloth bag or backpack if you’re planning on gaining some new accessories or home décor! You’ll want something to carry all your goodies with you, as your car is likely parked far away.

Dresses, shirts, and other clothes hang at this vendor's shop.

Check out the clothing offered by select vendors. They’re cute, trendy, and usually perfect for summer!

5th Street Farmer’s Market

The Farmer's Market on 5th Street.

You can get everything from fresh baked breads to produce, bakes goods, and other assorted foods.

Enjoy the fresh produce from local farmers at the open air farmer’s market located on 5th Street! Located across from the No Name Saloon, enjoy a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and more from the farmer’s market, picked fresh that morning! Strike up a conversation with the sellers and bring home some fresh produce for the whole family. While you’re there, enjoy some gourmet food for lunch, and continue on towards 9th Street for more excitement!

However you choose to enjoy the Park Silly Market, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic day. From the fresh produce from local farmers to live music on the main stage at 9th Street, this is a whole day of fun.

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Park City in the summer is fun – explore it all and take a read of 25 fun things to do in Park City. This market is one of them!

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We’ll see you on the next one – enjoy the fun of the Park Silly Market!

The main stage on 9th Street. Don't miss out on the festivities at the bottom of sh

Don’t miss out on the festivities at the end of the street!