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7 Best Crock Pot Recipes for Winter 

Winter time in Utah calls for slow cooked meals in the crock pot. There’s nothing better to come home to after a long day playing hard in the cold or shredding the mountains of Park City. From soups and stews to roasts and more, if you can do it in a crock pot, it’s got to be good! Then, of course, there’s the bread of choice and those oh-so-cozy socks and banter by the fireplace as you plan the next day of fun!

Beef in the Crock Pot

Perhaps the go-to choice of meat for crock pots, there are several cuts of meat that work perfectly for crock pots. These include cross rib roasts, chuck roasts, bottom round roast, and top round roast – all work perfectly in the crock pot, though some may be better in different recipes. Simply prepare these either the day before or the morning of your fun activity, and let it cook all day!

Pot Roast

Now if you are the proud owner of a crock pot, then you must have the small booklet or recipes that came with it! One of those recipes is for pot roast, and it is simply fantastic. If you want to try a different recipe, check out this German style pot roast for some different flavors and an introduction to new ways to flavor your beef.


If you want something with a hint of spice, try this Morrocan style pot roast and immerse yourself in northern Africa for a night! This recipe requires a little extra prep at the beginning, so make sure you prepare before heading off for the day!

Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas

Slow cooked beef carnitas? Sign us up! This easy Mexican-style meal is easy to prepare before a big day and you’ll come home craving all the fixings! Chop up lettuce, tomato, avocado, and more veggies, and top with anything you desire. Don’t forget to warm your tortillas and top with the spiciest salsa! 

Short Ribs

Oh, short ribs in the crock pot. These bad boys are certainly delicious and they’re always “fall off the bone” good! If you’re in the mood for some killer short ribs, check out this informative blog. Not only does it cover the delicious recipe, it also covers the cuts of short ribs, braising, browning, and more! It’s your one stop shop for slow cooker short ribs. Try it and let us know what you think!

Tender Crock Pot Pork

Need to satisfy the kids with some easy recipes? Well how about some pork in the slow cooker!? These two pork recipes are sure to please the whole family and are easy cleanup, too. Grab the toppings and set the table, dinner is about to be served!

Pulled Pork

Time to grab the pork butt! Err, it is a pork butt, even though it’s commonly referred to as the “pork shoulder”. This cut of meat will lead to the most tender pulled pork and is sure to feed a crowd. With this slow cooker pulled pork recipe, you get the opportunity to make your own barbecue sauce to top this delicacy. Or, add your favorite sauce to the mix and cook it for 8-10 hours for the tenderest pulled pork out there.

Café Rio Copycat Pork

Here in northern Utah, we go crazy for Café Rio! One of their best burritos to get has sweet pork, and it is oh-so delicious! Many people have imitated it, and having tried it side-by-side, it is pretty darn comparable! Make sure you have some time to invest – it’s a long process in the slow cooker, of course! Find the recipe right here – and also, make sure you visit Café Rio at least once if you’re visiting form out of state!

Soup and Stews!

Soup and stews can be high maintenance. With a crockpot, all of that becomes obsolete, and the work is done for you! Check out these two soups that are easily done in the crock pot, with only one of them requiring a little extra work for delicious results!

Beef Stew

One of the classics of crock pot stews, this beef stew recipe is hearty and healthy, sure to leave all impressed and full after dinner. This recipe makes it clear: cooking on low for eight hours is far better than high on three or four hours. If you want the meat to fall apart easily and be savory, juicy, and tender, slow cooking is the way to go! 

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is great, but sometimes it leaves us wanting a little bit more. That’s where creamy chicken noodle soup steps in! With a potato base, it will surely fill your family up. This particular creamy chicken noodle soup recipe is prepared on stove top, but there are also directions for crock pot instructions. Making this soup is a little more time intensive than other crock pot soups, but it sure is worth the wait and labor!

Now, go enjoy your ski day and make sure to pick one of these excellent recipes out – you surely won’t be disappointed!